Signs You Need Water Line Pipe Repairs in Amherst, NY; Old House Plumbing & More

Are you dealing with a constant drip that’s keeping you up at night or do you notice an increase in your water bill? Nothing lasts forever, including the pipes in your home. Over the years, the pipes will rust, corrode and decay. If you don’t take care of repairs that pop up, you can have leaks, a flood of water and even worse-raw sewage in your home that can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Importance of Plumbing Pipe Maintenance

The type of pipes you have in your home will help you determine how long they will last. Supply lines are under constant pressure and are the ones that are more likely to cause water damage if they leak. Pipes that are well-maintained will last longer than poorly maintained pipes. If you live in an area with hard water that has a higher mineral content, you may have pipes that fail sooner. No matter what kind of pipes you have and/or how old they are, you need to keep an eye on them and call professionals at the first sign of problems.

Signs of Broken or Leaking Water Line Pipes

1. Visible rust on water pipes. If you see rust on the pipes in your basement or bathroom it can be sign that you need pipe repairs. The rust will be on the small section of the pipes that are exposed and if you see it there, then you can be sure it’s elsewhere too. Rust on old pipes can cause them to leak, burst, and cause expensive issues if they aren’t taken care of. Replacing rusty pipes is quick and easy and is a cost-effective repair.
2. Murky water. If you turn the faucet on and find that the water isn’t clear, but murky, then you may have a problem. More so if you have a filtration system in place or you usually don’t have any issues with your water. Sometimes water can be murky with there an issue with the municipal water system and not yours. It still needs to be addressed.
3. Low water pressure. Getting into the shower and dealing with a soft stream of water is another indication that you may have an issue with the pipes. Household chores can be more difficult when water pressure is low and low water pressure is a sign that you’re dealing with pipes that may fail. Ignoring the problem can cause pipes to totally break and fall apart.
4. Damp walls. If you find stains on the walls in your home, it’s an urgent sign to get your plumbing looked at. Damp walls mean that the pipes in your home aren’t functioning properly.
5. Old house plumbing. Older homes are more prone to have issues with the pipes, and chances are they need to be repaired. Older homes may need total pipe replacement while others may just need repairs. If you choose not to replace then be prepared for repairs in the future.

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Look for these signs of possible pipe issues in your home that may require a repair. Contact Simon Plumbing to get more information on any plumbing issues you may be experiencing in your home or office.

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